Browse our sand and rock products below for your next building, home, or landscaping project. We offer delivery to your home or building site in South Carolina! Our deliveries are shipped to you in 10 or 20 ton truck loads.

sand products
  • Mason sand- sand product

    Mason Sand

    A screened, fine mason sand generally used by contractors when mixing mortar for the construction of new homes or businesses. The final product is typically used to lay brick, block, or stone. This type of sand is very fine and can also be used for beach areas, volleyball courts, children's sand boxes, and a base for above ground pool liners.

  • sand clay is a sand product

    Sand Clay

    Sand Clay is used primarily to backfill foundations and pack behind retaining walls. Sand Clay packs very hard and cannot be used to grow grass. This is the ideal base for a rock or concrete driveway or parking area.

  • fill sand- sand product

    Fill Sand

    This sand is used for leveling yards and filling in unwanted holes. It can also be used to raise plant beds, fix drainage problems, and to fill in trenches or unwanted swimming pools.

  • screened topsoil is a sand product

    Screened Topsoil

    Perfect and suitable material for filling in raised garden beds. Screened Topsoil is also used for repairing patchy spots in your lawn, planting trees or shrubs, and top dressing.

  • Screenings is a sand product


    A compact granite material normally less than 1/4 inch in size, this material is great for creating pathways and filling between pavers. Also, it is a suitable base in horse arenas and stalls.

rock products
  • #57 stone- rock product

    #57 Stone

    This stone is 3/4 inches in size and is commonly used when mixing concrete or asphalt. This also is an ideal material for driveways, parking areas, or a base for retaining walls.

  • rip rap is a rock product

    Rip Rap

    Normally 6-18 inches in size, Rip Rap is generally used to line ditches, water fronts, and help with slope protection. This material comes in two classification sizes.

  • #789 stone- rock product

    #789 Stone

    This stone is 1/4 inch in size and is used both in residential and commercial projects such as driveways, parking areas, and landscaping projects. It is a great material for pathways, outdoor seating areas, and grave plots.

  • crush n run- rock product

    Crush N Run

    Crush N Run is a very good material for building or repairing driveways. This is also used as a base for paving parking lots and highways. Crush N Run is a good packing material that can be used on both flat or hilly surfaces.

  • #4 stone _ ballast stone- rock product

    #4 Stone / Ballast Stone

    This stone is 1-2 inches in size and is most commonly used around railroad tracks. Ballast Stone can also be used on muddy or unstable haul roads to support heavier vehicles like log trucks, concrete trucks, and dump trucks.

  • decorative stone- rock product

    Decorative Stone

    Decorative rocks used primarily for landscaping projects to aid in plant drainage and provide curb appeal.

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